What we do



We are a small group of people who love the Lord. We share His love for you and are devoted to being His helping hands."

   The 4th Tuesday of every month, our members are happy to be involved with Potter's Hands. The 'Blue Shirts' serve supper to many of the city's  less  fortunate

Hungry Hank  is our emergency food shelf to help those in need. 

House warming hampers and cleaning hampers are availabe to thosemoving off the streets into apartments. 


Regina Mission


Our church helps to support Gentle Roads Street Mission in Regina, Saskatchewan in their mission. https://gentleroadchurch.wordpress.com/category/about/

Zambia Mission


Our ladies of the church and of ladies breakfast (Women for Missions) support an orphanage in Zambia, Africa called the 'Haven', which is a collection of 5 homes with children from infants up to young adults.  The funds provided go towards groceries, school fees, and paying staff. Our Women for Mission's started over 10 years ago.

We also collect beverage containers which are refunded and monies sent to purchase formula for babies that are supported by the Haven.   


The congregation also has a variety of ministers with men and women leading those ministeries.

Education and Worship


Family Activities

Missions & Benevolence

Building Maintainance

Communications and Advertising


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